About Business Mortgage Solutions

About Business Mortgage Solutions

Established by Roger Schooling in 1986 Business Mortgage Solutions quickly found our niche in arranging funding for pubs and hotels, becoming one of the leading brokers to this sector.

Today we are proud to be recommended by several of the leading business sales agents in the hospitality sector as well as other industry professionals. This is based on our reputation for being very straightforward with clients, ensuring that what they are looking for is achievable at a very early stage and being very supportive throughout to completion. In short we enjoy a high level of success which helps you, the client, to secure your business.

Working with clients who want to buy a pub or hotel and the specialist lenders to this sector is pretty much all we do. Based on this we have a strong knowledge base and instinct for what will be a workable proposition and what will need to be changed or re-considered before it gets anywhere near a lender.

All lenders apply stress tests to accounts and projections to determine whether it fits into their own lending policy. It is vital to understand their criteria before submitting a deal to them.

Here are a few of the key points where we feel we bring added value to your proposal:

  • We ensure a robust and well thought out business plan accompanies your proposal, including cash flow, budget & P & L forecasts. With your input of ideas on operating style, we prepare this for you.
  • Where clients approach a bank direct they will not be helped with financial forecasting, business planning or deal structure. The deal may be perfectly acceptable but not in the format presented. A bank will not have time to mould a proposal with you.
  • We carefully analyse the accounts for the business and will provide commentary to the lender and together with our own summary on these to highlight where potential cost savings can be made.
  • It is unlikely where clients approach a Bank directly that the business manager they are allocated will be highly experienced in the hospitality sector. The people that we deal with are. They understand the unique issues the sector faces and are best placed to ensure a successful outcome.
  • We will not ask you to arrange an expensive valuation until a lender has provided their intent to support your proposal. We do advise caution on this as some brokers will insist you have a valuation at the very outset. At worst your proposal may be subsequently declined and you have lost the cost of the valuation or in some cases the lender may simply for their protection insist on a new valuation being carried out by their own valuers.

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National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

Business Mortgage Solutions is a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers and is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority