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Replica Omega Speedmaster's "History Of The Moon Landing"

Replica Omega Speedmaster's "History Of The Moon Landing"

It is well known that July 21, 1969 was the day when American astronaut Armstrong landed on the moon. Since then, humans have begun to explore the secrets of the moon. For Omega, this day is also of great significance. It is also the day of replica Omega Speedmaster-this watch that follows astronauts on the moon has entered everyone's vision. Some people may think that Omega Speedmaster replica is a "lucky guy"! But in fact, Omega Speedmaster has the strength to be a "lucky guy".

Omega Speedmaster's Replica Interview With The Moon Landing Process

In September 1964, Deke Slayton, the director of the mission mission member's office, handed over to engineer James Rogan for a mission. He needed to find a highly durable and accurate timer for the Gemini and Apollo missions. James Rogan sent invitations for quotations of chronograph watches to several manufacturers. After receiving the invitation letter, replica omega delivered three Omega Speedmaster watches replica. This watch naturally wants to go to the moon to conduct a lot of tests. NASA has planned the entire replica watch qualification test procedure, including manual winding timing accuracy test, whether the case, mirror, dial, strap and chronograph function button are damaged, whether there is moisture generated inside the mirror, and Whether the watch is operating normally under extreme temperature, vacuum, high humidity, corrosion, impact, acceleration, pressure, vibration and noise. In short, this process is very strict and difficult, it is really testing the quality of the replica watch.

Result Of Omega Speedmaster Interview “Moon Landing”

On March 1, 1965, the test results were released. It is said that among the many replica watches participating in the test, only a few super-big timers such as replica Omega Speedmaster, replica Rolex Daytona, Longines 13ZN and so on can run normally. However, the Rolex watch replica suffered two failures before and after the relative humidity test. Finally, in the heat resistance test, the large second hand was bent and entangled with other hands and was eliminated. The several watches delivered by Longines have different problems. The crystal surface of a replica watch was distorted, and the mirror surface broke away from the case during the heat resistance test. The other watch had a similar situation in the low-pressure test. In the end, only the replica Omega Speedmaster watch successfully passed all tests. The replica Omega Speedmaster only showed disc luminous fading in the test. In addition, it went 21 minutes faster in the low-pressure test and 15 minutes slower in the accelerated test. Compared with other watches, the function and appearance of the replica Omega Speedmaster did not appear to have problems.


NASA testers recorded the entire test process: "Operation and environmental testing of the selected three brand watches have been completed. The test results are that the replica Omega watch fully meets the standards and will be equipped with the GT-3. (Gemini Titan 3) three astronauts. "This result is also the Omega Speedmaster ushered in its own development climax. The only change NASA made to the Moon Omega Speedmaster was to replace the standard steel bracelet with a long velcro strap so that the replica watch could be worn directly outside the heavy spacesuit.


On June 3, 1965, Edward White completed the first American spacewalk by wearing a Speedmaster watch. However, replica Omega claimed to have no knowledge of NASA ’s selection of the Speedmaster, and was surprised to find that it was worn only after seeing a picture of Gemini 4 astronaut Edward White ’s space walk published in the Life Magazine issue on June 18, 1965. On his left wrist was a replica speedmaster. At this point, Omega Speedmaster replica has ushered in the spring of development history, it successfully has a super accurate timing, absolute high temperature resistance, super good waterproof and other labels.

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